I am telling stories through retail products.

Strategic positioning and narrow consumer targeting set creative plots for packaging concepts. The aim is to create products that stand out and connect deeply with consumer's life values. 


"Why would it matter?" - you might ask. Well, because to get the attention of millennials, products need to offer emotionally captivating experiences. Both retailers and manufacturers need to learn this to stay on the edge in modern retail.

I work as a product director for small and medium-sized manufacturers creating specialty products for natural retailers across the world.

I studied in the Netherlands, Italy and Latin-America to become a professional marketer, gaining insight into different markets and cultures. And perhaps, as a result, I speak eight languages. After studies, I worked with food retailers in the United States for a product launch. That lit the fire in me to learn to navigate the complexities of the modern trade system. So I graduated from Law School with an LLM in International Trade Law.