The vegetable evaporated chips are targeted towards last century immigrant offspring, now living in the US. The main objective is to help people to imagine the lives of their ancestors living in a country where they are from. Today, people are looking for their origins through all kinds of tools - databases, DNA tests, photographs and stories. To explore and cherish one’s origins is becoming ever more popular among educated people. The product aims to give insight into real people's lives who lived, loved and worked in their home countries about a century ago.


The brand shall educate and inspire modern adults to open their mind to realities that were once happening and very possible to realities to which they are the straight continuation. This gives the chance for people not only to have a gourmet snack always available to them at their homes but also to be entertained and emotionally nourished by short and entertaining stories of finding oneself.


The product was created in the form of “letters from the past” with the initial 6 SKU. Each presented in the shape of an old letter, with a short story inside.


Different people in each, not necessarily accentuating the Armenian cultural basis, rather focusing on the story of the person itself, but incorporating elements, which insinuates the origin of a person and the landscape of the story.

”Unbeatable taste, brought by the amazing director! Must-be at any high-end gourmet store!” 

EatingWell Magazine


”There is now very serious competition for Californians dry tomatoes. And now it’s for real”  

Today's Grocer


”Agnes knows how to keep attention, and this time it’s well seasoned with history”

Angelo Vitero,
Bosco Market of Boston 



Charles Aznavour
One of France's most popular and enduring singer and artist of Armenian origin

Ivan Ivazovsky

A Russian-Armenian romantic painter who is considered one of the greatest masters of marine art

The Voices of Freedom by Eric Foner 
A rich collection of documentary voices addressing a central theme in American history


The Armenian American Museum (project)
The museum carries historic artefacts, art and cultural objects on the rich and diverse Armenian history and culture


We are getting ever less chance to spend quality time with people around us. Dinner time used to be a common ritual for the family to get together after the working day. Today, even when everyone is at dinner, they get separated by different gadgets. In the busy every day when relationships among the family members go sideways sometimes, it is difficult to find time to fix them. And the dinner ritual, when people actually connect with each other can be quite helpful.

Yoffi is there when you have a problem to resolve! (relationship problem) The date sauce takes all of the family to date with each other to bring an “out-of-routine” experience to all family members.


Through three different dates: Blind Date, Silent Date and Mute Date people can have the chance to discover new ways of communication with each other and appreciate quality family dinner time and meaningful connection.

"Very unexpected twist, good minded and modern idea. Definitely makes me wonder what is inside the package!" 

Eric Reevs,
Acme Store Manager 

"This is a very rear case when the product reflects reality and appeals to your most inner needs."

Mark Bergoff 
Seasons Stores 

"Oh! Yes, this product deserves a deal of respect and a good spot in the consumers mind not because it will change the world, but for reminding to us who we really are" 

Jim Gail 
Albertsons Grocery Buyer 



elite daily 
Tons of fun, inspiring and contemporary date ideas

Lust for Love; by Pam Anderson Rabbi S. Boteach  
Proposes a return to what lovemaking was always meant to be: a desire to know and experience another person in the deepest possible way

Her; Science-fiction romantic drama film
A sensitive and soulful man earns a living by writing personal letters for other people. Left heartbroken after his marriage ends, and becomes fascinated with a new operating system 
which reportedly develops into an intuitive and unique entity in its own right


Big family opens up an opportunity for more joy, more fun, more energy, emotions...and more chaos, where it is very easy to get carried away with mundane tasks and with work responsibilities. 

My Organic Family just reminds us that family organics are created at home, between the little routine actions and daily mundane tasks. 

Cleaning or washing unavoidably comes after a great time spending together. While waiting for the opportunity to become a big hero, we all need a small good deed in everyday routine. 

So why not jump for it now, and to become Lord of the Washing Room or Queen of Clean Dishes?

It's easy for all family members to take care of each other, so do not hesitate to wear your best or make a dirty expensive china set. 

"Agnes did an amazing job by converting negative aspects of usage to new positive phenomena."

Lawrence Hoyt 
Villeroy & Boch

"Easy to work with and comes with the generous opening deal."  

Greg Anderssen 

"Mine customers are always open to a new product. My Organic Family is something they were waiting for a long time."

Lena Bergen
Sano Copengagen 



Cynthia Dubus-Verrier
French textile designer
Laundry isn’t a particularly exciting activity, but it has consequences: It accounts for a quarter of all water consumed by the average household

How People Used to Wash: The Fascinating History of Laundry
As culture developed, the population grew, and cities became booming urban centres, a river bed and a pile of rocks were no longer sufficient for many people


A product created for people who want to make a shift to a healthy and active lifestyle. Each can represent five different types of sports that modern consumer enjoys today. The product does not push the customer towards a professional sports image, as many advertised brands do, but rather suggests that a healthy and active lifestyle starts on the hobby level, together with friends and family... in a fun way!

"Oh, I have never seen anything like this before! This is something new and very different from the rest..."

Carlos Lopez

Oaks Farmers Market

"This is hilarious! I could even buy this.. and I don’t eat sardines..."


Adas Market, Fort Myers, FL

"This is something that I have been looking for a really long time in this category!"

Matthew Moore

Whole Foods Market



Observing parents and kids playing sports games outside in the park

Bulletproof Philosophy and Lifestyle by Dave Asprey 

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