Today’s consumers pay close attention to the products they buy, particularly to product packaging and ingredients used. And the products they relate to are the ones they buy.

However, many manufacturers are still launching ‘naked’ products and hoping they will sell. Not enough research and strategy is put into these launches, and that is why most of them fail.

This is where I come in, closing the gap between what people want and what the manufacturers are producing. This approach gives new products every possible advantage they can get to break into the market. Together we create high-quality products that retailers will fight for and consumers will love.




We need to make sure that you can produce a product that we will develop. It is required to inspect production, packaging equipment, a quality control system and talk with technologists. We may need to familiarize ourselves with laboratory tests and obtain additional samples. The director will be able to answer many questions on the spot including market entry and sales.



A deductive analysis of the shelf and existing products on the market based on a hypothesis. In addition to the opportunity to look at the "back stage" of the industry, it allows you to see the necessary criteria, pricing structure, sales velocity and the work delegation among all participants from production to sales. This analysis will also show the shelf and the competitive environment in real time.



A vital point of your market success. We’ll carefully review all received information with consideration of your best economical interest, contemporary consumer’s needs and create a solid engaging experience. Everything that comes after, it’s just different aspects of concept implementation. 



Product packaging must comply with the regulatory trade requirements. It is equally important to make packaging convenient and informational for all participants in the supply chain. The cost of opening deals and attractiveness for each particular store may depend on the number of units in the master case. The pallet structure is important for the distributor, as it will reduce the time and cost of selecting, assembling and shipping the order. A very important aspect for the formation of the sales proposal.



Manufacturing technologies can often be a serious barrier to entry. To maintain competitive ability it is necessary to make sure that the available production technologies and those requested in the market are identical or at least close. This may also apply to regulated standards. Recently, many market segments have been distinguished by the use of new ingredients that offer significant growth opportunities. We expect full cooperation with the technologists of your production.



Design must support a well thought out task in every detail and at every level. At the same time, it should favorably highlight the product on the shelf in relation to the product of competitors. In order to set a clear and feasible task for designers, you need to understand all the technical features that the product will encounter on the way to the buyer and during its use. 



Here are undeniable consumer rights: to be informed, to be heard, to buy safely and make a choice. Label compliance is a guarding rule of all regulations and its interpretation across different products and industries. Violation of consumer rights could lead to product rejection and fines. Of course, some products require specific permission or licensing, and we are dealing with it accordingly. 



Product features that meet consumer philosophy are of great importance on the market. Typically, these requirements are reflected in different certifications. For each product in each market, there are different requirements that are not mandatory but which can significantly increase the target audience. Some retailers specialize in selling products with only specific certifications.



Price structure - a very important and complex part of the product. Price determines how deeply and widely a product can penetrate the market. And if you select a channel that does not meet the pricing criteria, then failure is inevitable. On the other hand, the right pricing strategy can protect the business from unnecessary stress.



Today, a product is a rather complicated mechanism of the relationship between producer and consumer. The goal is always the satisfaction of consumer interest. Part of the product is promos, opening deals, available support material etc. All these elements are an integral part of the product and are actively used in the sales channel.



The market does not buy or sell. People sell to people. All the features of your product and its market value must be placed in a sequence of presentations, not only for buyers, but also for the entire distribution channel. The product will be sold only when each market participant can easily figure it out and be interested in it. 

I Work With

Whole Foods Market only sells products that meet its self-created quality standards for being "natural", which the store defines as: minimally processed foods that are free of hydrogenated fats as well as artificial flavors, colors, sweeteners, preservatives, and many others as listed ingredients. 


A favorite local natural and organic grocery store in Fort Myers for over 30 years. We offer shoppers a wide variety of organic and locally grown produce, hand picked to ensure each and every item is the very best.  We feature more than 100 barrels and bins full of grains, legumes, spices and more, available by the pound or ounce and in pre-measured packages.


There are now multiple stores in operation with an expanded selection of products, including a number of private label items. The Richard’s Foodporium® brand is backed by a wealth of experience and dedication. We are always striving to better meet our customers’ needs and enhance their shopping experience.

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